11 Aug

City 2 Surf

I was never into running or any kind of exercise or sport as a kid, choosing “Snooker” as an option in physical education was my idea of being smart. However now I am grown up I realised that I need …

14 Jun

My First App Update

I have completed the app to a level where it is ready to submit, although there are improvements I could make to both the user experience and the quality of code.

Here is a video (very unfortunately without sound – …

11 Jun

My First Mobile App

This weekend I decided I want to start creating mobile apps, for both fun and hopefully a bit of profit too. I spent a few hours while my daughter was asleep creating a basic “baby piano” app. A screenshot of …

18 Nov

Heredoc Tip

I do really like the Heredoc format allowing you easily create multiple lines explicit strings in Ruby. However you will suffer from a trailing newline which most of the time you won’t want.


html_expected = <<eos
<!DOCTYPE html>

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